[ 19 May 2014 ]
AIA Bhd. The Rise of a Life Insurance Giant

2013 proved to be a very challenging yet exciting year for AIA Bhd. While the full integration of AIA’s insurance businesses in Malaysia was tough and demanding in view of the complexity of merging two equally- large entities and the demands and pressure this placed on internal resources, the year was by and large an outstanding one for the company.

[ 12 Jun 2014 ]
PROPERTY WORKSHOP 2014 – Profit From Cooling Measures

A workshop brought to you by Money Compass, which forecast the outlook trends & opportunities of Property & Real Estate Industries in Malaysia.

[ 28 May 2014 ]
SAVE & INVEST Roadshows & Seminars 2014

In confronting the stiff challenges from rising inflation rate to fit the modern daily lifestyle, our life expectancy has become more complex and on a rising curve. It is reported in global studies that all mankind on earth are tend to live longer courtesy to the advancement of technology and improved lifestyles.

[ 20 May 2014 ]
Global commercial property investment to rise 15% in 2014


• Global transaction volumes for commercial property are set to see growth of at least 15% in 2014, which will take the annual total to well in excess of US$600bn.

[ 20 May 2014 ]
Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation is Appropriate

En Md Adnan Md Zain, President of Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC) has said that te Goods and Services Tax (GST) implementation by the government is appropriate.

[ 20 May 2014 ]
The Financial Planning Association (FPAM) provides solutions to all your financial needs

For the first time in Malaysia, the Financial Planning Association Malaysia (FPAM) held their Inaugural Seminar which featured speakers from all over the world to share their experiences and give insight into the financial planning landscape of their respective countries and to discuss global issues in relation to financial planning. The seminar was attended by regulators from the Securities Commission and Bank Negara Malaysia.

[ 20 May 2014 ]
GST: SME Application Workshops

Following the announcement of Government’s Budget 2014 last year, the 6% Goods & Services Tax (GST) will be officially implemented on April 2015. Accordingly to Bernama’s Survey recently, 75% of the businesses and public do not understand how GST works.

[ 20 May 2014 ]
84 th CIDESCO & 32nd GLOBAL Graduation Ceremony CLARA International Aesthetic College

27th April 2014 was a special day for Clara International Group as they witnessed the graduation of CIDESCO, GLOBAL as well as GLOBAL Professional Make-Up Students from Clara International Aesthetic College (CIAC). It was truly an eventful day.

[ 20 May 2014 ]
Malaysians Are Gearing Towards Early Retirement

Malaysians are the highest among other Southeast Asian consumers who planned or have retired below the age of 59 years (50%), according to a new finding from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy. Respondents in Indonesia trailed closely (49%) followed by Vietnam (44%), Thailand (33%), Philippines (30%) and Singapore (29%).