[ 27 Sep 2016 ]
Eastspring Investments: Consistent Returns Is Our Commitment

Offshore unit trust fund investments have gained popularity in Malaysia in the past two years with the local market remaining sluggish on the back of a weakening currency sentiment. In fact, our currency fluctuations have indirectly helped offshore fund investments appear more attractive and promising.

[ 31 Dec 2015 ]
Crowdfunding: A New Way to Invest in 2015!

The global capital market has evolved in such a way that so many innovative ways of fundraising have emerged in the market place that will shape the whole industry. Crowdfunding, in particular, will drive a new wave of fundraising and start-up investing all around the world since 2014, in line with the rapid development of the internet financial industry.

[ 31 Dec 2015 ]
Money Compass’ 10th Exclusive SME Business & Financial Seminar

The present market condition poses multiple challenges for Malaysian SMEs to succeed and remain profitable. SMEs are already grappling with an overall gloomy economic outlook worldwide, capital market volatility, Ringgit depreciation and the impact of GST implementation in addition to declining domestic demand and low commodity prices. SO are our SMEs ready to face these challenges and soar higher?

[ 31 Dec 2015 ]
Construct An Investment Portfolio; Why and How?

Property prices are soaring, food prices are increasing, toll rates have spiked, railway fares revised upward cost of living in Malaysia has been consistently on the rise over the years. Along with the GST implementation, it seems to be relatively hard for Malaysians to maintain their current standard of living.

[ 31 Dec 2015 ]
Stock Market to be Bullish in Q4 2015

The stock market is expected to be bullish in the next one or two months based on the currency, commodity prices and the RM20 billion capital injections, according to i2Matrix Sdn Bhd Managing director Benny Lee.

[ 30 Dec 2015 ]
Investment Outlook Forum & Expo

While the global capital market continues to be volatile, Malaysia has to confront challenging economic issues such as currency depreciation, lower commodity prices and low domestic consumption sentiments. Regrettably, recovery takes time. So, how can investors weather this change?

[ 30 Dec 2015 ]
Zurich: Comprehensive SME Insurance Solutions From Zurich Insurance Malaysia

The roles of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are becoming increasingly vital in the development of the Malaysian economy. Today, SMEs have the potential to contribute substantially and can provide a strong foundation for the growth of new industries as well as strengthening the existing ones, for future development of Malaysia.

[ 30 Dec 2015 ]
SME Recognition Award 2015

The SME Recognition Award 2015 was officially launched at The Place@One City, Subang Jaya, recently. This annual award has an eminent history of 13 years and is organised by the SME Assoc,iation of Malaysia to honour outstanding Malaysian SMEs in 17 award categories that have demonstrated exceptional performance in relation to competitive strength.

[ 30 Dec 2015 ]
Think & Act Like The Wealth Folks !

Have you ever wondered how the rich became wealthy? Does it only have to do with them being good at making money or is there something else that fortifies their success?