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Does your planner have your best interest at heart?

Does your planner have your best interest at heart?

Ignorance is the cause of the wrong financial decision

I was in Kinokuniya Bookstore during the Christmas weekend to search for some behavioral finance books to add to my collection. I was looking for a writer who could present more than psychology on this topic. The subject should touch beyond investment management issues and include overall personal finance.

How Our Human Intuition Undermines Our Financial Well Being

Assume now that you never took your stockbroker’s advice to invest in the shares of the large corporation but instead left it in a fixed deposit account. You justified to yourself that you are not prepared to take the risk of losing your hard earned RM10,000 (loss aversion). Furthermore, every month when you renew your fixed deposit you could see the money growing by say 0.25%. Your money would have grown by 3% at the end of the one year. You feel satisfied to see your money grow without any hiccups.

How to Use a Will to Protect Your Loved Ones and Assets

Generally, most of us work for an income. After deducting our expenses (for example, basic living expenses, movie, clothes, transportation, internet, phone bills, etc) and income tax from our net income, we will have some savings.