Life Planning

How to Use a Will to Protect Your Loved Ones and Assets

Generally, most of us work for an income. After deducting our expenses (for example, basic living expenses, movie, clothes, transportation, internet, phone bills, etc) and income tax from our net income, we will have some savings.

Malaysia’s voluntary PRS established

Prime minister (PM) Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak has launched the final component of the private retire- ment scheme (PRS) framework with the establishment of the Private Pension Administrator (PPA) and the approval by the SC of the first set of Private PRS.

NAMLIFA to defend the agency system and create a favourable environment for agents

The primary objective of NAMLIFA, now known as the National Association of Malaysian Life

Insurance Fieldforce and Advisors, is to defend the agency system in order to ensure that insurance agents obtain a fair environment that is conducive with their career.

Great Eastern Launches its “Live Great” Integrated Health and Wellness Programme

Great Eastern Group has launched “Live Great”, the first integrated health and wellness programme by an insurance company in the region, signalling a bold new direction for the life insurance industry.

So you have life, homeowner’s and even car insurance? But would you believe that for most of your working life, you’re more than twice as likely to need disability than you are life insurance?

More Than Just A Will An evolution of estate planning

Estate planning has become more than just a will that instructs how you want to give out your assets when you are no longer around. Today, you can even steer your beneficiaries to subscribe to your personal values and business ethos.

SC Approves 8 Private Retirement Scheme Providers

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) announced the initial list of eight intermediaries approved as providers of private retirement schemes (PRS providers) on April 5 this year, marking a significant milestone in the development of a long-term