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How Much Should You Spend On A New Car?

I’ve heard this complaint many times. I am one of those who complain about this too: “The cars are so expensive in Malaysia.”

Series on Business Succession 6 A Family Wealth Management Story

Solutions on family wealth management and succession continues After setting up the wealth preservation structure to manage the business owners’ estate, what else needs to be in place to prevent financial leakage and to continue growing the family wealth?

10 Great Ideas When Writing a Will

I usually ask my clients what are the concerns that will take place immedi- ately upon death of an individual?

Wealth Protection for High Net Worth Individuals

With the increase in wealth in the emerging Asia region and its surrounding areas, Malaysia has also naturally benefitted from the economic boom in this region. A media report indicates that the sale of luxury sports cars, Lamborghini Malaysia has increased since 2011 from about 200 units sold since it launched. About 60 units were sold in Malaysia alone, in Singapore, 22 and over 350 cars in China.

How to Build Multiple Sources of Income

Most people rely on a main source of income. For an employee, the main source of income is the monthly salary, in exchange of your service, working for a company.

Series on Business Succession 5 A Family Wealth Management Story

Preventing family disputes and disputing the myth that “80% of family business do not survive the third generation” – you can prevent the onset of family disputes by limiting the chances of power struggles among family members.

Should You Put Your Money in Jail 

I must give credit to my business partner, Peter Lim for this article. Peter and I co-founded a value investing stock investment course called Bursa Method (www.BursaMethod.com). In the recent online training I hosted featuring him as the main speaker, he shared about the concept of “dead money” and “alive money”.

Asian Family Business and Family Office

Family businesses have been in existence since the dawn of mankind, evolving with time and advancement in technology from the discovery of fire in combustion to steam power to the discovery of fossil fuel, electricity, nuclear and the world of electronics. Each era brings with it innovations, creations and commercial values.

Fee based advisory, the future trends for financial planners

Some of the strictest measures are imposing fines. In the UK, the FSA in 2012 compounded a staggering amount of £ 94,191,548 to financial institutions and individuals for various offences. The same measures are meted out by our local regulators, including placing on its websites wanted or illegal scams.

What’s the best way to get rich?

There are so many ways to get rich. Some ways are perceived as easier than the others. But if you want to have a high probability of success, I believe there are a few methods that are proven to be more likely to make your dreams come true.