Real Estate Investment

Hassle-free 6% rental yield

IF ANY property investor were be granted a wish to redefine the ideal property investment, I reckon it would be “close to something” like:

“Perpetual inflation-adjusted rental income and doubling of property value every (insert your desired number) years, with a competent manager to manage all tenancy- related matters and not being entry-cost prohibitive.”

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

People have asked what’s so interesting about investing in REITs when you can use leverage on real property investments. Well, that’s true if you live in KL, Penang island or the Iskandar region. Property investments are very much localized – but what if you live in Sungai Petani, Kluang or Bukit Beruntung?

Myanmar: How To Do Business And Enter This Market

Myanmar is surrounded by China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos. And all these countries contribute towards trading in Myanmar, making it like a hub itself. It’s only a matter of time before this market will be a very interesting destination to do business. Those who get in early will have a prime mover advantage. But at the same time, there are risks involved. And that’s why I had invited Dr John Vong, Former Adviser to the World Bank to share on this topic in my webinar not long ago. Here is a summary of the sharing from his

Don’t Fret when the Fundamentals are Intact

Retail investors have been spooked by the price plunge on most counters on the KLSE back in July-August 2013. REIT counters, known for their relatively non-volatile prices, are not spared as some of them suffered a double digit drop. The reason? Analysts called it the Malaysian REIT sector’s risk-reward ratio becoming “less favourable given threats of bond yield reversals”.
Bond yields have risen globally, and it erodes the attractiveness of M-REITs’ already compressed dividend yields. Therefore, the sell down leads to the drop.
Aside from fixed deposit rate, the bond yield often …

Pitching REITs against Direct Property Investments

I have a lady friend who works as sales executive for an established property developer. The funny thing is that when she goes to see a doctor, the doctor will ask her for property investment recommenda- tions and then slip her his card before she leaves the consultation room. The same thing happens a lot to her colleagues as well.

5 Financial Must Haves for the First Time Home Buyer

Due to the recent hike of property prices, owning a home has become more challenging. I am glad that I bought my first house as soon as I was financially able to. This however was not the case for the first tenants who stayed at the very first house I bought in Penang.

REIT – What the Layman Investors Don’t See

When I started investing in REITs about a year ago, I started to Google articles on what are the criterions to look for in a fundamentally sound REIT. I read a couple of books as well. The very basic, of course, is the return on investment.

Family Business Trusts for Malaysian Businesses

Why are more & more Malaysian Businesses setting up Family Business Trusts? Because they want to have succession planning in the management and ownership of the company.

Interview with Dato’ Stewart LaBrooy on M-REIT

Growth, transparency and healthy competition. These are the key words best used to describe the REIT industry in Malaysia.

Estate Administration

This issue’s topic is about Estate Administration. When a person dies, all his assets will fall into his estate and his estate need to be claimed by his heirs. The process to unfreeze this person’s estate in order to distribute to whoever is appointed as the beneficiary in his Will and pay for debts and income tax is called Estate Administration. Although “Estate Administration” only consists of two words, it can be quite a complicated process which requires some professional management skills.