Real Estate Study

Pitching REITs against Direct Property Investments

I have a lady friend who works as sales executive for an established property developer. The funny thing is that when she goes to see a doctor, the doctor will ask her for property investment recommenda- tions and then slip her his card before she leaves the consultation room. The same thing happens a lot to her colleagues as well.

The M-REIT Beauty Parade

M-REITs come in different flavours – each with its own unique characteris- tics and sensitivity to business conditions depending on the types of properties held under its portfolio.

The Basics and Not-So-Basics in REIT investing

With the listing of IGB REIT, the largest real estate investment trust (REIT) thus far in Malaysia, retail investors are now probably all pumped up to invest in the REITs. It is undeniable that the REIT sector is experiencing phenom- enal growth in the recent years. In fact, investing in M-REIT has never garnered so much attention since the framework set upon by the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) in 2005. However, before you do so, let’s demystify some of the financial jargons used in REIT investing.