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5 Financial Must Haves for the First Time Home Buyer

Due to the recent hike of property prices, owning a home has become more challenging. I am glad that I bought my first house as soon as I was financially able to. This however was not the case for the first tenants who stayed at the very first house I bought in Penang.

Interview with Dato’ Stewart LaBrooy on M-REIT

Growth, transparency and healthy competition. These are the key words best used to describe the REIT industry in Malaysia.

Estate Administration

This issue’s topic is about Estate Administration. When a person dies, all his assets will fall into his estate and his estate need to be claimed by his heirs. The process to unfreeze this person’s estate in order to distribute to whoever is appointed as the beneficiary in his Will and pay for debts and income tax is called Estate Administration. Although “Estate Administration” only consists of two words, it can be quite a complicated process which requires some professional management skills.

Stocks versus Properties: Which one is for you?

I received a similar type of question from time to time repeatedly. Through my blog and mailing list, many readers ask about the best place to put their money. I think you probably have the same type of question popping into your mind right now.

Why REIT should be in every investor’s portfolio

If a REIT holds these assets in its portfolio, it does not take an investment banker to know that this is long term value investing. Moreover, rental rate for any real estate is only unidirectional and that is always up.

Feng Shui, Wealth and Success

Can ancient Eastern art help establish a connection to wealth management? Master Bo Xu answers fundamental questions about the link between Feng Shui and wealth.