Investment Money Line

The Error-Proof Portfolio: Your Investment Performance and the Silver Medal Trap

Mind your own business (MYOB) and creating a custom benchmark are essential to gauging your true success. At least that was the conclusion of a 1995 academic paper by Victoria Husted Medvec, Scott Madey and Thomas Gilovich, which was the subject of a recent report on NPR.

Risk of investing in Warrants

Having such a high risk nature, investors who are interested in warrants must fully understand their own risk tolerance level. Too much exposure in warrant may subject their investment portfolio to excessive risk.

Taking your First Steps to Investment Success – Selecting The Right Stocks

I personally use criteria like ROE to evaluate companies. These days stock screening software makes our job much easier. All I had to do is to enter my required parameters into the software and I instantly get a list of stocks that satisfies my requirements for a good stock, and then I will just pick the top few.

Avoid These Four Investment Mistakes

If investors are rational decision makers, then emotion driven bubbles should not be possible. Yet human weaknesses can limit our ability to think clearly.

Best 5 Ethical Investment Tips

There are many different criteria of “ethical” under which to categorise a fund and businesses that involve nuclear energy, animal testing or tobacco are some of the commonly screened-out industries when people are thinking of ethical investment.

Malaysia’s affluent are aiming to achieve close to US$4 million in 10 years

The FuturePriority Report – a study conducted by Standard Chartered Bank and Scorpio Partnership which captures the sentiment of over 2,700 Asian affluent individuals across nine markets


Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok launched on May 17 an innovative oil palm planting investment scheme, East West One Planter’s Scheme (EWOPS), which opens up opportunities for investors to enjoy a fixed-term interest in an oil palm plantation and to reap the upside potential of palm oil without having to manage the plantation. It is a safe investment programme in Malaysia that provides another alternative investment channel. It is also seen as an attractive diversification of one’s financial portfolio.