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Global Outlook For The Energy Market: Macro View For 2040 Strategic Insight For Global Players

The Energy market will remain hot for the next 25 years. This article is a strategic paper for all those policy makers involved in investments, operations, risk and strategy in the energy market. The global energy market looks very enthralling as demand is set to outpace supply.

The 3 Most Redundant Portfolio Additions: When coming across these three investment types, ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this?’

{Streamlining is often at the top of my list when I work on Portfolio Makeovers each year. Most investors end up with needlessly complex portfolios, so one of my main goals for when I embark on a makeover is to skinny down an unwieldy list of holdings to a group of names that provides a lot of diversification but is simpler to oversee.}

Understanding the Risks of Synthetic ETFs

The strong growth of the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) market in Europe and Asia over the past few years has resulted in an increasing level of scrutiny by regulators, research bodies and media commentators. This growing level of scrutiny has proved something of a double-edged sword. On the plus side, it is an explicit acknowl- edgment that the notion of “passive investing” is gaining ground amongst investors. However, in many instances the ETF industry has been unfairly singled out for issues – mainly pertaining to risk – that do really affect …

Silver Commodity or Money ?

It doesn’t happen very often but at times when I enthusiastically shout in my seminar “Silver is the new gold!” some people will be shaking their heads in disbelief and most are in a state of chronic confusion.

3 Lessons to Learn from the Crisis in Cyprus

It looks like the news coming out of Cyprus is only getting from bad to worse. Initially, this was the plan put to a vote by the Cyprus Government:

Dividend Payers Hold Appeal, But Be Mindful of Risks

Due to that unattractive convergence, I’ve been hearing from a lot of investors who have become interested in master limited partner- ships because of their often-high yields, and I have written about the viability of preferred stock for retiree portfolios. In addition to those more exotic income-producing vehicles, some investors have also gravitated toward plain-vanilla dividend-paying stocks.

How Much Do You Actually Need In Order to Retire?

Let’s assume you want to retire at 65 years old and you live till 85 (Malaysia’s average lifespan is 70.8years old). And for your golden years, you want to have a minimum monthly allowance of $1,500 (in today’s dollars) to spend.

What is Business Trust?

A Business Trust is defined as a unit trust scheme where the operation or management of the scheme and the scheme’s property or asset is managed by a trustee-manager.

Self-Indexing: Conflict in the ETF Industry

Some ETF providers are going to great lengths to avoid index middlemen, which is causing concerns about a conflict of interest. Most exchange-traded funds track indexes that are compiled by well-known industry names such as S&P and MSCI. These popular benchmark providers are able to charge relatively high fees to ETF providers for using and tracking their brand-name indexes, and then these costs are passed on to ETF investors.

Taking your First Steps to Investment Success Multiplying your Profits

I will be sharing with you the 4th and last step of my simple 4 steps formula for achieving success in investment and trading. (For the articles on the first 3 steps for my S-T-P-M formula, you can refer to the previous issue or email a request to