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14 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start A Blog

Does your company want to start a blog..? However you’re still struggling with reasons why? Have you wondered what the value of a blog is? Do you wonder what impact of a blog can have on business development? Don’t keep asking yourself the same questions! Here are 14 stellar reasons why you should add blogging to your marketing mix.

The Art of Nai Tong

Tew Nai Tong is a renowned artist whose impressive career spans four decades. A Klang native, he gradu- ated from NAFA in Singapore and continued his studies in Paris at Ecole National Supervieure Des Beaux-Arts and is today, recognized internationally and locally for being a distinctive figurative and landscape artist. His earlier artworks in watercolour and later works in oil, all exude a feeling of freedom and great expression of movement through his scenes of mostly tropical rural living and beautiful portraits of village farmers and fishing folk.

Feng Shui, Wealth and Success

Can ancient Eastern art help establish a connection to wealth management? Master Bo Xu answers fundamental questions about the link between Feng Shui and wealth.