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Money Compass’ 10th Exclusive SME Business & Financial Seminar

The present market condition poses multiple challenges for Malaysian SMEs to succeed and remain profitable. SMEs are already grappling with an overall gloomy economic outlook worldwide, capital market volatility, Ringgit depreciation and the impact of GST implementation in addition to declining domestic demand and low commodity prices. SO are our SMEs ready to face these challenges and soar higher?

Zurich: Comprehensive SME Insurance Solutions From Zurich Insurance Malaysia

The roles of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are becoming increasingly vital in the development of the Malaysian economy. Today, SMEs have the potential to contribute substantially and can provide a strong foundation for the growth of new industries as well as strengthening the existing ones, for future development of Malaysia.

GST Is Here ! No Reason To Panic

Recent media headlines focused heavily on GST related issues and consumers remain deeply corcerned about the increase in overall costs of living in Malaysia. Investors on the other hand are worried about its impact on the econamy and financial markets. In this article, Fundsupermart evaluates the impact of GST by looking back into its history and analyse the impact of tax implementations or tax rate hikes in some countries.

Catch the Hottest Business Trends for Start-Ups in the Year 2015

Catch the Hottest Business Trends for Start-Ups in the Year 2015

How to start up a money-making website 101

How to start up a money-making website 101

Know a thing or two about Franchising

Have you played with a puzzle before?Then you must agree with the phrase – the beginning is always the hardest part. It is same with everything. Getting a business started does give every newcomer in the industry a headache.

What you should know for getting Government Loans and Funds?

You definitely know the importance of the Government Loans and Grants on your business’ operation and are hungry for it. But do you know which one is suitable for your business? Is it bringing you the greatest benefit?

3 Lessons to Learn from the Crisis in Cyprus

It looks like the news coming out of Cyprus is only getting from bad to worse. Initially, this was the plan put to a vote by the Cyprus Government:

The Importance of Buy-Sell Agreements For Partnership Business

Entering a business without thinking about proper Exit Planning will cause a lot of problems.

Series on Business Succession 4 A Family Wealth Management Story

Many wealthy individuals are reluctant to make a lifetime transfer of wealth because they feel that they will lose the ability to control their assets and they are also concerned that a lifetime transfer will result in spoiled and unproductive heirs. With effective planning these issues can be addressed.