Corporate Profile


Since 2004, with the dedication to advocating the public to practise financial planning in everyday life, Money Compass has accumulated a vast connection in ASEAN financial industries and garnered government agencies and corporate resources. At present, Money Compass is adjusting its pace to transform into Money Compass 2.0.  Consolidating the existing connections and network, Money Compass Integrated Media Platform is founded, which is well grounded in Malaysia whilst serving the ASEAN region.

The mission of the new Money Compass Integrated Media Platform is to become the financial freedom gateway to assist internet users enhance financial intelligence, create wealth opportunities and achieve financial freedom for everyone!

Money Compass Financial Platform connects human capital in financial industries and the internet users by providing three platforms – Info Hub, Learning Hub and Marketplace.  Through the internet connection among ASEAN’s 10 countries with the population of 630 million, we integrate the connections of the financial industries across ASEAN supported by big data analytics.  We provide one-stop platform including financial information, training, matching and practical methods to form a financial ecosystem that boosts the benefits in the financial system.

Money Compass is one of the credible Chinese and English financial media in Malaysia with strong influence in Malaysia’s financial industry. As the winner of the SME Award in Malaysia for 5 consecutive years, we persistently propel the financial industry towards a mutually beneficial framework.

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