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Investment Outlook Forum & Expo

While the global capital market continues to be volatile, Malaysia has to confront challenging economic issues such as currency depreciation, lower commodity prices and low domestic consumption sentiments. Regrettably, recovery takes time. So, how can investors weather this change?

Zurich: Comprehensive SME Insurance Solutions From Zurich Insurance Malaysia

The roles of Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are becoming increasingly vital in the development of the Malaysian economy. Today, SMEs have the potential to contribute substantially and can provide a strong foundation for the growth of new industries as well as strengthening the existing ones, for future development of Malaysia.

SME Recognition Award 2015

The SME Recognition Award 2015 was officially launched at The [email protected] City, Subang Jaya, recently. This annual award has an eminent history of 13 years and is organised by the SME Assoc,iation of Malaysia to honour outstanding Malaysian SMEs in 17 award categories that have demonstrated exceptional performance in relation to competitive strength.

Money Compass: Contributing To Youth’s Wealth Management

Malaysian undergraduates are worried about their tuition fees and rising living expenses, You would not be surprised to find that most of them are in debt even though they are students. Debts are dogging almost all fresh graduates as soon as they complete their education while their jobs don't pay them well enough to allow comfortable repayment of their education loans and also manage living expenses. Thus, it is important to have enough knowledge on controlling your expenses and possess personal financial management skills. We wish to empower the younger generation's sense for money management through financial education talks in campuses.

Financial Freedom The National Achievers’ Style

The National Achievers Congress (NAC) signifies the flagship program of Success Resources. The 3-day event stages several excellent speakers in one location to help individuals achieve outstanding results in today's highly competitive global economy.

Think & Act Like The Wealth Folks !

Have you ever wondered how the rich became wealthy? Does it only have to do with them being good at making money or is there something else that fortifies their success?

AXA’s Strategies for Asian Expansion

2-day international media conference hosted by AXA Group was held in Shanghai recently where approximately 50 media representatives from across the glove gathered, including Money Compass from Malaysia. At the world's most prosperous city, members of the media were briefed on the company's vision, mission and aspirations to be the World's Number 1 Insurance Brand.

Not 100, But 1,000 !

After more than 15 years of being at the forefront of a branding movement, Branding Association of Malaysia has inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of SMEs in Malaysia to embrace branding in their pursuit of entrepreneurship and business expansion plans. The 15th Anniversary Branding Gala, recently held at Shangri-la Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, witnessed the congregation of VIPs and special guests from 20 countries.

Malaysian Women Better Prepared For Retirement

Women's retirement pots are affected by diminishing savings power and more immediate life obligations, according to HSBC's Future of Retirement; A Balancing Act. Women should start planning for their retirement as soon as they have a regular income for a better financial future.

GST Is Here ! No Reason To Panic

Recent media headlines focused heavily on GST related issues and consumers remain deeply corcerned about the increase in overall costs of living in Malaysia. Investors on the other hand are worried about its impact on the econamy and financial markets. In this article, Fundsupermart evaluates the impact of GST by looking back into its history and analyse the impact of tax implementations or tax rate hikes in some countries.