The 3 Big Retirement Income Issues

The 3 Big Retirement Income Issues

Your Journey to Your “Financial Destination” – Money Compass for Women

Your Journey to Your "Financial Destination" - Money Compass for Women

PATIENCE is a virtue we need in life, even in our financial journey

PATIENCE is a virtue we need in life, even in our financial journey

Women and Financial Loyalty

Loyalty as a virtue carries many interpretations today. For instance, individualism, or prioritising the self, is said to be very important in the West.

Why Women Need an Independent Financial Advisor

Myth has it that women are lousy with figures, but rather, they are good homemakers whose arithmetic skills are concentrated towards managing household expenses. And then there are the stereotypes that women are walking a colorful and adventurous life of style and glamour.

6 Characteristics of a Woman & Her Financial Destiny

The Malaysian population stands at 29,336,000 of which approximately 13,313,000 or 45%* are women. The population of women in Malaysia consists of those who are working, in business, homemakers/caregivers and those who are retired.

Where to invest in these turbulent times? How to ride the wave of economic...

With GE13 in Malaysia over now, things are finally settling down but not with consumers who are holding onto their consumption pattern. People are a bit scared taking into account the global bloodbath and manipulation of the financial markets by the developed countries economic decision makers.

Gen Y Ladies

How many children would have heard their parents mentions, "Back in my time...”? Just hearing those words, children can expect to be in for a lengthy recount on how things were done differently during their parent’s glory days.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do…..

Standard and common reasons for divorce are infidelity, substance and physical abuse, gambling and incompatibility. Less common reasons are interference from in-laws as well as religious and cultural differences, but these are valid reasons, nevertheless.

My Financial Life

I trust that since the first part of my article, you, my dear readers, have been keeping well and have been keeping an eye on your finances as well.