The Sandwich Generation

Asians are known for their love of food. They are also advocators of filial piety. As such, the term Sandwich Generation is most apt to describe the generation that has to care for aging parents as well as their children

What you should know before purchasing any insurance policy

How do you ensure that when you are comatose or temporarily permanently disabled (TPD), you are still well taken care of by the insurance proceeds that you have bought initially? How do you ensure the children are protected in the event both husband and wife pass away in an accident?

Launch of Manulife PRS NESTEGG Series

Manulife Asset Management Services Berhad (formerly known as Manulife Unit Trusts Berhad) has launched the Manulife PRS NEST- EGG Series, a private retirement scheme to help Malaysians adequately plan for their golden years.

New retirement preparedness indicator: Financial and economic factors influencing Malaysia’s retirement readiness

Manulife Asset Management has issued a report that introduces its Retirement Preparedness Indicator, which highlights the financial and economic conditions influencing the ability of individual economies to provide for their aging populations.

Bracing Malaysians for Retirement

Trusts Berhad, shares here with Money Compass’ readers how much exactly an individual needs in order to sustain their post-retirement lifestyles and how to start planning ahead in pursuit of a comfortable post- retirement life.

Malaysians may not be financially ready to retire

The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Global Ageing Initiative has released a study on retire- ment attitudes and trends in East Asia’s rapidly aging emerging markets.

FIMM in the PRS Equation

Malaysia’s first private retirement scheme (PRS), which is made available from September, is expected to mark a significant milestone for the private retirement industry in Malaysia.

How to Use a Will to Protect Your Loved Ones and Assets

Generally, most of us work for an income. After deducting our expenses (for example, basic living expenses, movie, clothes, transportation, internet, phone bills, etc) and income tax from our net income, we will have some savings.

Malaysia’s voluntary PRS established

Prime minister (PM) Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak has launched the final component of the private retire- ment scheme (PRS) framework with the establishment of the Private Pension Administrator (PPA) and the approval by the SC of the first set of Private PRS.

NAMLIFA to defend the agency system and create a favourable environment for agents

The primary objective of NAMLIFA, now known as the National Association of Malaysian Life Insurance Fieldforce and Advisors, is to defend the agency system in order to ensure that insurance agents obtain a fair environment that is conducive with their career.