Who Else Wants to Be the Poor Who are Getting Richer ?

Who Else Wants to Be the Poor Who are Getting Richer ?

4 Types of Retirement and How You Should Plan Yours

After working hard throughout your life, an elegant retirement plan can lead to a perfect ending to your professional career.There is no fixed age for starting to make your retirement plan. But whenever you plan to do it, it’s always great to think it over thoroughly and put it down in black and white.

How to Increase Investment Return

In the previous issue of Money Compass, I wrote about the most practical way to meet your saving shortfalls is to increase your invest- ment return rate. Increasing your annual investment return by a few percentage is a lot more effective than just increasing your saving rate and prolong the period or delaying your retirement.

What can you do to make up for the shortfall in your retirement fund?

Recently, I did a training session with my business partner, Peter Lim, in which he shared with me a special Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet he developed.

Moving Is Going To Save You A Lot of Money and Improve Your Quality...

I write about this because I had relocated for a few times in the past few years. In 2011, my family moved to Oregon, USA because my wife needed to be there for a business assignment. In 2012, we moved back to Penang after she completed her work. A few months back, my whole family moved south to Klang Valley.

Series on Business Succession 7 A Family Wealth Management Story

Family wealth creation does not stop at the first generation. The creation of a second fortune through successful management of the wealth once created is an opportunity to grow wealth which may result in exceeding the wealth created by the founder of the family business.

Advantages of off shore trusts for wealthy generations

According to the Bank Julius Baer, Switzerland, Asia Wealth Report 2011, it was estimated that in 2010 there were 32,000 high net worth (HNW) individuals and this figure shall double by 2015 with assets totalling from USD130 billion to 330 billion.

How Much Should You Spend On A New Car?

I’ve heard this complaint many times. I am one of those who complain about this too: “The cars are so expensive in Malaysia.”

Series on Business Succession 6 A Family Wealth Management Story

Solutions on family wealth management and succession continues After setting up the wealth preservation structure to manage the business owners’ estate, what else needs to be in place to prevent financial leakage and to continue growing the family wealth?

10 Great Ideas When Writing a Will

I usually ask my clients what are the concerns that will take place immedi- ately upon death of an individual?